Saturday, May 21, 2011

English Friendship Sms - Post 1

  • "A"void "B"ad "C"ompany,
    "D"ont have "E"go with "F"riends,
    "G"ive up "H"urting "I"ncidences,
    "J"ust "K"eep "L"iking "M"e,
    "N"ever "O"mit "P"ossessiveness,
    "Q"uite "R"emember me,
    "S"eldom "T"rust,
    "U"se "V"alid "W"ords,
    "X"press "Y"our "Z"eal.

    This is the A-Z rules of my friendship.

  • There are 2 ways of being united.

    By being FROZEN together
    By MELTING together.

    Its better to be melted in FEELINGS than to be FROZEN in DIFFERENCES..

  • Why do frnds keep forwarding msgs instead of talking to each other..?
    The reason is dat we hv nothing to say but still want to b in touch..!

  • Frndz should be like two zeroes.
    When u try to add they r the same.
    when u subtract they r again same..
    But when u try 2 divide Its just "IMPOSSIBLE"..

  • Airtel Care "121"

    Bsnl Care "123"

    Idea Care "4444"

    Hutch Care "111"

    Reliance Care "333"

    Docomo Care "121"


    Friendship Care ""

    "Any Time"

  • Someone asked me,"who is a friend?"
    I replied,"Friends are those who believe in u when u are afraid to believe in urself."...;-)

  • Lovely times of life will not return back forever. But, the lovely relation & the missing memories of friend will stay in the heart forever..

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