Friday, July 22, 2011

Quotes Sms - Post 6

  • "The taste of water can be enjoyed only when we're thirsty..!"
    As well as
    "The care of true persons will be known only when we are alone.. !"

  • If GOD meant each day to be perfect, He wouldnt have created tomorrows...So dont worry If today wasnt that Perfect, U still have tomorrow.

  • My doors will be always open for those who have hurted me. But may be they have lost their beautiful position on wich they have once ruled.!

  • Agar tum ek pencil ban kar kisi ki khushiya nahi likh sakte ho to, koshish karo ke ek accha rubber ban ke kisi ke gum mita do...

  • There are things in life that we question a
    lot, but we do not realize that sometimes, answers come when
    we stop asking.

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