Friday, April 15, 2011

Relationship Sms - Post 1

  • True relationship isn't leaving behind special people when u find sum1 NEW. Its all about preserving dried rose between pages in spite of being gifted a rose daily.

  • Do u know about d things which live after death?

    Most Imp our RELATION$HIP 4 EVER.

  • The biggest loss in life~
    Tears in Someone's Eye
    Because of You..


    The biggest achievement of life~
    Tears in Someone's Eyes for You...

  • Wonderful relations in this World..

    Heart & beats
    Night & Moon
    Music & Songs
    Roses & Love
    Fish & Water

    My costly message & ur free smile..!

  • Relationship Is Like TAJMAHAL

    Everybody Will Wonder How Beautiful It Is.


    Nobody Can Understand How Difficult It Was To Built...

  • Aksar logo ko kehte suna tha,

    "zinda rahe to phir milenge"

    Lekin aapko milne k baad dil ne mehsoos kiya

    "milte rahege to hi zinda rahenge"

  • Developing '100 relations' in 1 year is not a gain. But, Keeping '1 relation' for 100 year is an achievement.

    That is true relationship.

  • Never go back into an old relationship, no matter how strong it is,
    because its like reading a book over n over again, when u already know how it ends..

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