Friday, June 10, 2011

Attitude Sms - Post 1

  • Attitude Power:

    Never Think "HUM Se Jo Takrayega
    WO Chur-Chur Ho Jayega"

    Always Think "HUM Se Jo Takrayega
    WO HAMARA Ho Ke Rah Jayega!!"

  • To be Born with a Personality is an Accidental Gift From UR Parents. But, to Die as a Personality is an Achievement of UR Own & Return Gift to PARENTS

  • Honey bees must tap two hundred flowers to make one drop of honey..

    The sweetest reward comes from the hardest struggle...

  • One of d Best Messages for the whole of mankind:

    "There is no Market for your Sorrows; So never Advertise ur Feelings.."

    Just display ur Attitude..

  • Vigyaan kehta he:
    "Jeebh pe lagi chot sabse jaldi theek hoti he"

    Aur Gyan kehta he:
    "Jeebh se lagi chot kabhi theek nhi hoti"


  • Best line by a Mechanic: "I can't repair your horn, so, I made your brakes well"

    Every Problem Has Other Solution V Should Find It.

  • Touchy Saying:-
    We Can't Understand Why We Choose The Wrong People In The First Place..
    N Then Whn The Right People Arrives
    We Just Stop Trusting..

  • Attitude redefined:

    Don't judge me by what you have seen in me.


    What you have seen in me is only what I have chosen to show you.

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